Crystal Shaman Life

#030 - 5 Wisdom Reflections + Insights from our Lake Superior Adventure

August 12, 2019

Ahh . . . summer is winding down. 

At least it's beginning to feel like that here. 

I'm enjoying a very quiet house today while Chris is immersed in a week full of trainings and meetings, kicking off the school year. 

I love this little late summer transition as we step back into a very welcome and 'normal'ish' rhythm. 

Today, within this rhythm, I'm finding myself in a place of reflection. I'm thinking about all of the magic and the potent insights we experienced while on our Lake Superior adventure. 

Lake Superior opened up something truly amazing for me. I felt my heart expanded in ways I never imagined. And at the same time, every part of me slowed down. I felt in harmony with nature in new and unexpected ways and as even a I write this I feel myself lighting up with excitement about my next visit to that Great Lake. 

Soon . . . very soon . . . 

But for today, I get to linger in the sweetness of my memories and connect with an abundance of amazing rocks that made their way home with us. (More about those coming soon!) 

In this week's Crystal Shaman Life podcast, I share some of the insights that we received on our journey around the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Listen to this week's episode here:

Wishing you a beautiful week!