Crystal Shaman Life

#043 - Crystals in the Moonlight

May 5, 2020

Tomorrow is full moon. It's a supermoon. And, with the warmer, spring weather, I've been feeling called to gather up some of my favorite crystals and place them outside, in the moonlight. 

Earlier this year I made a post about this in the Crystal Shaman Life FB Group. It opened up a fun thread of conversation, and this week, that post resurfaced. 

It was really fun to hear your preferences and why's when it comes to putting your crystals and stones in the moonlight. 

This is something I personally love to do, but it isn't right for everyone. As with all sacred practices, it comes down to intention and relationship. So, in the light of the nearing full moon, I decided to dive a little deeper into this conversation with a new podcast episode. 

In this episode, I share stories, experiences, and my thoughts on the topic of putting our crystals and stones in the moonlight to clear, charge, or energize them. Listen in here: 

Wishing you a joyful week!

much love, Lori

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