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#024 - Let’s talk crystals - The May Crystal Altar of the Month

#024 - Let’s talk crystals - The May Crystal Altar of the Month

May 7, 2019

Last week as we stepped into this new month we also stepped into the second half of the Spring season (and the 2nd half of the fall season for those of you in the Southern hemisphere).

Did you notice that subtle energy shift last week? Vibrant, creative energy is flowing in and inviting us to spring to life in new and unexpected ways.

So, with this change of month, I made some changes to my altar, updating the crystals to reflect the May Crystals of the Month.

Back in January, I did a 12 month crystal forecast, highlighting one crystal for each month as well as one crystal for the year. Each month, I shift my altar to reflect the new monthly stones. Not only has this been so much fun, but it has also been a great way to sink deeper into the collective energy and message each month.

This months altar features Rainbow Moonstone + Brecciated Jasper. It is stunning and it's got a rich message to share as we unleash our creative spirits. Tune in to this week's episode and discover what it wants to share. 

Wishing you a beautiful week!
Shine brightly, 

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#023 - Let’s talk Ceremony + Ritual

#023 - Let’s talk Ceremony + Ritual

April 30, 2019

Over the past couple of week's I've been sharing a series of podcast episodes about the Four Facets of Crystal Shamanism: crystal connection, earth relationship, shamanic journeying, and this week, ceremony and ritual. 

Yes, I've been saving my favorite for last . . .  Ceremony + Ritual. 

Since embarking on the shamanic path in 2007, ceremony and ritual have been a central part of my life and my work. I feel like they are a powerful way to reconnect with self, with the sacred, and with the magic of life. 

In this week's episode of the Crystal Shaman Life podcast, I share the many great benefits of bringing ceremony and ritual into your daily life as well as some of the elements that make ceremony and ritual unique practices. 

Yes, ceremony and ritual are two very different practices. Have you ever noticed how so often those words are used interchangeably? It's a lot! And perhaps you have even wondered what the difference is or if there really is one or what is the most accurate word to use to describe some of your favorite sacred practices. 

Well, this week's episode will shed a bit of light on their differences as well. 

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Shine Brightly,


#022 - Discovering new realms with shamanic journeying

#022 - Discovering new realms with shamanic journeying

April 23, 2019

Happy Earth Day (yesterday) . . . Week . . . Month . . . Year!
Ok, how about every day is Earth Day!
But let me say, mama Earth was feeling the love yesterday and she's super grateful <3 

I hope you found a moment to sneak out and spend a little time connecting with her.

I took a long walk through the neighborhood and visited one of my favorite parks. When I got there, I noticed that a couple old growth trees were recently removed. I think they were unhealthy trees, so removing them was likely about maintaining the wellbeing of the area . . . but I still felt a bit of sadness and decided to spend some time honoring them.

I know that I mostly chat crystals and shamanism here and while I may not speak to trees directly, they are a central part of my work and nature love. ;-)

Trees for me feel like gateways between realities or dimensions. And, they are a great portal for shamanic journeying. If you've ever done a shamanic journey with me, you've likely traveled down some roots into the belly of mother earth. (one of my favorite pathways)

Shamanic journeying is the topic for this week's episode of the Crystal Shaman Life podcast . . . it is the third of the 4 facets of Crystal Shamanism.

It is a central practice for many shaman and it is one that offers a rich experience for those who are shaman curious ;-)

It's a practice that opens doorways to not only other dimensions but also to our own inner worlds. It can support us in knowing ourselves more intimately and cultivating a deep level of trust in our own inner voice of guidance.

Tune into this week's episode to learn more.

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Shine Brightly,


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#021 - Exhaling into Earth Relationship

#021 - Exhaling into Earth Relationship

April 9, 2019

In this week's episode of the Crystal Shaman Life podcast I'm diving into the 2nd Facet of Crystal Shamanism: Earth Relationship

Mmm . . . I love this topic!

Over the years, as I've been walking the path of the crystal shaman, I've been noticing how much more attuned I have become to my local landscape, and to the sacred sites in this area. Yes, Northeast Wisconsin is filled with sacred sites and energy centers! Something I truly never would have imagined prior to embarking on the path of the crystal shaman. 

In 2008, when I went to Peru for the very first time, I was so excited to visit the ancient sites. I envisioned myself sitting in places such as Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo receiving incredible energetic transmissions and profound insights.

But to my surprise, on the very first day of our journey, the shaman took us on a hike, through a field, to what looked like a random rock in the middle of nowhere. 

While we were there, music was played, offerings were made, and Adolpho shared the significance of both this rock and this random spot in the middle of the field. It wasn't a random rock in the middle of nowhere, it was a very sacred spot with a deep connection to the ancient mountain spirits. 

This left me wondering . . . how many times had I simply walked passed sites of spiritual significance with complete disregard because they didn't look as though I imagined? What I was overlooking within my own local landscape? And, how could I begin to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with the earth. 

Yep, that experience left my mind whirling. And it left me determined to deepen my relationship with the earth. 

So where and how did I start? . . . In my own backyard.  :-) 

Each of us has a unique way of communicating and connecting with the earth. This episode invites you to discover how the earth is already communicating with you and how you can begin to respond to it in ways that feel natural.

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#020 - Crack open your crystal connection

#020 - Crack open your crystal connection

March 31, 2019

I'm so excited to be connecting with you this week to share a new podcast episode. Yay!

I know, it's been a bit . . . between mercury retrograde, winter, and being immersed in teaching, I was deep in a creative cave. That's a space I love to be in and I gave myself time to linger there.
As the spring season has been finding steadiness, I've been feeling ready to crack out of that creative cave and begin sharing some of the magic and insights that have been showing up.

So, here's what you can expect in the coming weeks . . . a new series of Crystal Shaman Life podcast episodes on the 4 Facets of Crystal Shamanism: crystal connection, earth relationship, shamanic journeying, and ceremony + ritual.

A super yummy series filled with great stories and crystal wisdom​.
This week, we are diving into the topic of Crystal Connection and how we can crack that open (ok, I stumbled upon a shop named Crystals + Coconuts in the Florida Keys and it inspired me to play with the phrase 'crack open' in connection with crystals . . . so we will be doing just that this week. Hehe).

Also, I'd like to share with you that Spring Enrollment is NOW OPEN for the Crystal Shaman Initiation Program. ​Yay! If the shamanic path is one that you've been feeling called to, I would LOVE for you to join us this spring. Learn more here:

#019 - 6 simple (and fun) crystal practices you can do today

#019 - 6 simple (and fun) crystal practices you can do today

February 6, 2019

I'm curious, did you happen to catch last week's episode of the Crystal Shaman Life podcast? . . . the 2019 crystal forecast. Find the replay + video here:

There's something really potent about doing such a reading. The crystals that show up, are both offering insights and also extending their support for the coming year. This is super cool! And it is why I do this reading (for both the collective and for myself) each year. 

But readings don't carry a whole lot of weight unless we find ways to take action upon their insights. You may have even been feeling like 'hey Lori, this is reading is great, but now what do I do with it'.

That's often what happens with readings and when working with crystals. They are sparkly. The messages touch us deeply. And yet, we are left with that question . . . what do I do with this?

And, guess what . . . the answer to this question is the MOST important step of any reading. 

So in this week's episode of Crystal Shaman Life podcast, I'm sharing 6 of my go-to crystal practices for integrating a crystal reading into my everyday life. 

These practices are simple, fun, and something you can do today!

Listen in!

#018 - 2019 Crystal Forecast

#018 - 2019 Crystal Forecast

January 29, 2019

I'm a bit slow on getting this message out, but here it is, just in time for February; the 2019 Crystal Forecast.

Each year I love to do both a personal crystal reading as well as a collective crystal forecast. It's always interesting to see which crystals want to show up as allies for the year.

So last Friday I popped on for a FB Live and drew the crystals for 2019. I've turned that video into a podcast episode that I would love to share with you here.

This years reading did not disappoint . . . oh my goodness, it's going to be a heart centered, love-filled, creative year! And 13 amazing crystals and stones are showing up to support us. Listen in and discover what the crystals had to share.

Want to check out the video? Watch here:

#017 - Reflections + thoughts about Doreen Virtue’s recent post about new age practices

#017 - Reflections + thoughts about Doreen Virtue’s recent post about new age practices

January 25, 2019

I was awakened a little after 5 this morning as a text popped in from a dear friend sharing this link. I was stunned last year when Doreen renounced her 'New Age Practices', left her career as a writer of oracle cards, training angel readers and mediums to become born again.

But this post, ugh . . . I am so greatly disappointed.

I get that she may feel called to a different path. I get that she may feel a connection with Jesus that she didn't feel before. Actually, I celebrate that. I celebrate ALL who find a spiritual relationship that is meaningful and fulfilling.

But, I also suspect that something very painful unfolded in her life, something that she has been unable to cope with at such a level that she is not only clinging to something that she feels will save her, but that she needs to also project her pain upon what she is defining as the new age world.

I do not see the 'new age' world as she describes. Nor do I see any of the sacred practices from shamanism to oracle cards, divination, sacred geometry, spirit guides, drumming, angels and all other sacred practices through the lens described here.

These statements are dark and shadowy generalizations that not only vilify a community that supported her 50+ books and decks of oracle cards, but are filled with untruths written in such a way that they trigger fear, anger, projection, rejection, and judgement.

We live within a truly unique and delicate time. 
This is a time for unification. It is a time to seek commonality. It is a time to open our hearts to each other. It is a time to discover and uncover truth. This article is not truth. This article is incredibly misleading. And Doreen's willingness to speak with authority in this way deeply saddens me.

I believe in fairies. I believe in angels. I believe that the sound of my drum connects me with a Universal rhythm. I believe my drum connects me with the Divine, one true Source that is beyond any name or single identity. A Source that is so vast our full perception of it is inconceivable and it is only through our willingness to recognize the many expressions of Divinity present in all of life that we can even begin to fathom God's greatness . . . a greatness so immense I will not dismiss the possibility that there is intelligent life beyond humanity. I will not dismiss the ways the Divine expresses himself/herself through the trees, the crystals, the animals, the seasons, the weather, the angels, the fairies, the unicorns, the ascended masters (including Jesus), the oracle cards, the tarot, the bells, sacred geometry, sacred art, and so much more.

And, through all of this, I thank you, Doreen. Your post is creating an opportunity for me to be even more resolute and steadfast in my love for the infinite expressions of the Divine and the infinite possibilities in connecting and deepening my unique relationship with the Divine.

It is my hope that you too will see through these statements and create space and opportunity to deepen into your unique relationship with the Divine 

Here is a link to my fb post:

#016 - Crystal Divination - What stones are guiding you in 2019?

#016 - Crystal Divination - What stones are guiding you in 2019?

January 14, 2019

How's 2019 kicking off for you?

It's been a slow start here . . . the kind where I just want to linger within stillness and reflection, not making any quick decisions or taking fast action.  

I really do enjoy lingering within my inner worlds. And, winter truly is a great time for that. It's also a great time to focus our reflective energy through divination. 

At the beginning of each year I love exploring the wisdom and insights my crystal and stone allies want to share. I do this by doing my own personal wheel of the year crystal reading. 

In this week's episode of Crystal Shaman Life podcast I share a step by step how you can do your own Wheel of the Year Crystal Reading.

Download the 2019 Wheel of the Year Guide here:

#015 - Bringing a close to 2018 with reflection + ritual

#015 - Bringing a close to 2018 with reflection + ritual

December 30, 2018

Well . . . tomorrow is the last day of 2018. 

I can hardly believe we are at the years end. 

Since the solstice, I've been spending quite a bit of time in reflection . . . exploring the highs and lows of the year: dreams that were brought to completion, those that never really took form, and those who've come into thriving fullness. 

Do you take time for this too?

I find this to be a powerful way to fully receive the gifts of the year and create space for the next year. 

This years reflection revealed some pretty cool insights.

Like all good year end reflections, this one begins last year, at this time . . . hehe. 

I remember meeting the new year with a sense of excitement. I had a list of personal and business goals neatly laid out, and I had carefully chosen a personal theme for the year: focus, fun, and freedom.

Those three words opened up quite the journey​.


I had a lot of ideas about what freedom would mean for me . . . I imagined lots of travel, open air, and open roads. Of course those bits were definitely a part of my year, but I found myself quite surprised when spirit invited me to look at this word differently, to recognize that true freedom is something to be found within as I give myself permission to expand further into wholeness. Yep, that one felt so obvious and at the same time I was missing it. 

2018 revealed how to experience freedom deep within. This awareness ultimately led me to close Journey Jewels, my jewelry line of eight years, and make a pivot in my work by opening the virtual doors to Crystal Shaman School.

Phew . . . that was big, unexpected, and wild ride. 

I came face to face with some tightly held beliefs and a lot of emotion.

And I found myself leaning even further into sacred practices such as ceremony and shamanic journeying for clarity and support. It is through shamanic practice that I unraveled the ways I had bound myself to a particular way of being and created a true sense of freedom.

As I look back at this year I feel deep gratitude for the many unexpected ways those three words rippled through my life . . . and I am truly curious as to what will unfold in 2019.

In this final 2018 episode of Crystal Shaman Life podcast, I dive into the topic of how to bring the year to a sacred close and begin to create space for the magic of 2019.